Extra services

1. Events organizations

Birthday party? Wedding party? Business meeting? Or maybe you have a party without reason?


We will help you with this. The most beautiful places for photosession, luxury restaurants and clubs, Djs, bartenders, waiters, famous artist for every taste. All this we take under our responsibility.

2. Helping with working visa in Cyprus

M.Staff&Events Agency can help you to apply working Pink Slip in Cyprus. For more details contact us and we will tell you what documents you must prepare.

3. Citizenship of EU

Nowadays, to have citizenship or at least a residence permit in one of the countries of the European Union is not just a question of prestige, but rather of comfort for oneself and one’s relatives. The opportunity to spend a vacation in a warm hospitable country, travel through Europe without restrictions and send a child to study at a well-known international institution of higher education, and parents to a good health resort: all these are the benefits that a person acquires as a “bonus” to the EU passport.